About ego coffee roasters


你喜歡衣索比亞或肯亞豆的奔放花果香嗎?我也很愛!中南美洲豆的堅果、巧克力調性和扎實甜感?也很棒!咖啡的喜好是無邊無際的,來到ego coffee,和我們一起找到屬於你的個性風味吧!





加入ego coffee roasters,和我們一同體驗咖啡原始的香、甜,綿延在口中所帶來的愉悅感受吧!

About ego coffee roasters

We do have the ego. So does coffee. It’s just like people around the world. Coffee from different country, environment and climate has its unique flavor and features.

Do you like the amazing floral and fruity aroma of coffee from Africa like Ethiopian or Kenyan? I love it too! How about the nutty, chocolate tones and solid sweetness coffee from Latin America? It’s also great! Preferences of coffee are boundless. Let’s find your own flavor in ego coffee roasters!

Our roast?

Nowadays, people in Taiwan prefer the floral and fruity aroma but ignore the importance of sweetness. We think they are both essential in a nice cup of coffee. The taste may vary along with the temperature of coffee, but it’s still fascinating instead of woody, flat and astringent flavor.

Rather than the extremely sour and fragrant taste of light roast, we prefer mild and lasting sweetness and aroma. It’s just like the sun in Pingtung that is warm and approachable.

In ego coffee roasters, let’s find the pleasure from origin aroma and sweetness of coffee!